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We have been calibrating and testing with a love for metrology for nearly three decades. We develop state of the art, highly perfected, but easy to use metrology products and services. We transfer knowledge, represent top Slovene and foreign producers of measurement, pharmaceutical and laboratory equipment, and are at the same time a driving force for progress in the field of metrology.

Within the LOTRIČ Metrology group we have 8 companies operating in Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Macedonia; all so that we have a partner at your fingertips.

We love what we do. Providing you with solutions that exceed your expectations is what makes us tick. We know how important your product is, and how important your production process, logistics and every link in the chain are. We understand how competitive the market is, and we are well aware that the quality of your product and your processes has to be superb. We are always ready to listen to the challenges you face and help you meet them.


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  • SI - 4227 Selca
  • Slovenia

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