cold chain traceability

Exactum Pharmacy monitors for you


  • in medical coolers for storage of medicines and vaccines


  • in galenic laboratories
  • in control and analysis spaces
  • in spaces for acquiring medicines and medical devices
  • in spaces for dispensing medicines and medical devices
  • in spaces for storage of medicines and medical devices
  • in pharmaceutical compounding areas


Exactum industry

Carbon dioxide
Carbon monoxide
water PH
Solar radiation
Water temperature
Soil temperature
Pressure difference
Your sensors
Soil humidity
Air flow
Wind speed
Meteorological parameters

Monitoring measurements in real time

EXACTUM Pharmacy automatically collects the measured values from measuring points equipped with sensors.  A smart sensor hub manages the system. Reliable and accurate recordings are available in real time by remote access.

Immediate warning allows you to take timely action

In the event that the environmental parameters exceed the prescribed limit values, EXACTUM Pharmacy sends a warning by electronic mail or text message. This allows you to respond in a timely manner and take immediate action.

Safety of collected data

The user-friendly software allows automatic saving, reviewing and generating of reports, graph drawing and documentation management. Data on measurements obtained with EXACTUM Pharmacy is safely stored and protected from manual manipulation of the measured values.

»In our pharmacy, we ensure control of temperature and relative humidity by using the latest measurement instruments (4th generation). EXACTUM Pharmacy is practical, reliable and easy to use. We no longer need to readand enter the data in tables on a daily basis, because Exactum does that for us. The measurement instruments are automatically calibrated, because LOTRIČ Metrology ensures their timely and professional calibration. Withthe control system, we manage all of the critical spots in our pharmacy – from the receipt of materials, storage of sanitary equipment and temperature of medical coolers. We record and printout the parameters on all locations on a monthly basis. In the event of a complaint, we use the stored records as proof of appropriate storage of medicines or medical technical aids. If the prescribed values are exceeded, we respond immediately by recording and documenting the deviation.

EXACTUM Pharmacy ensures traceability of appropriate storage through its control system.«

Melita Dolenšek, M.Sc. of Pharmacy, head of the pharmacy University Rehabilitation Institute of the Republic of Slovenia – Soča

»A decade ago, control of temperature and relative humidity in our pharmacy followed a standard procedure – three times a day, we would manually enter the values read from thermometers and hygrometers into a table. Later on, we used data loggers which provided a better overview of the measurements, but their warning system was insufficient. In other departments of the hospital, the situation was similar. Nurses spent a lot of their valuable time checking and recording temperatures in medical coolers. Without EXACTUM, monitoring was time-consuming and inaccurate. The EXACTUM Pharmacy system, which is what we use today, requires just a few clicks with a mouse per day. No more worries about getting warnings in time, because the control system informs us by sending a warning electronic mail or text message.

In the six months we have been using this system, we have not encountered any obstacles. The system operates flawlessly. Using the control system in a hospital environment eases the workflow and allows the employees to dedicate their time to their primary tasks, but above all, to their patients.«

Tilen Trček, pharmacy technician in a hospital pharmacy General Hospital Jesenice

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