keeps an eye on your food

EXACTUM FOOD SAFETY monitors for you


  • in the refrigerators
  • of air


Exactum industry

Carbon dioxide
Carbon monoxide
water PH
Solar radiation
Water temperature
Soil temperature
Pressure difference
Your sensors
Soil humidity
Air flow
Wind speed
Meteorological parameters

Continuous monitoring and collection of all data in one place

EXACTUM Food Safety automatically compiles the measured values from measuring points, equipped with sensors. The system is managed by a smart sensor hub.

Immediate warning and response

Once the measurements exceed the set action values, EXACTUM Food Safety triggers an audible alarm and sends an electronic or text message. This allows you to respond in a timely manner and adjust conditions accordingly.

Cold chain database

EXACTUM Food Safety enables automatic saving, reviewing and printing of past measurements and critical events. All of the compiled data can be exported to PDF or Excel and be used for analysis.

»A carefully selected and well-kept measuring system is one of the main support programs inside the systems that guarantee food safety. It ensures adequate supervision of critical procedures that take place in processing, preparation, and distribution of food products.

The regular storage of relevant data collected by measuring devices is crucial in defining trends and analyzing them, as well as in assessing procedural stability. A reliable measuring system, which is in part based on risk assessment, enables efficient monitoring of relevant control points and critical control points. It consequently ensures the safety and quality of food products in accordance with their established shelf life. EXACTUM Food safety, one of the products produced by LOTRIČ Metrology, combines several measuring devices and connects them into a comprehensive and reliable measuring system. It provides its users, as well as the food industry as a whole, reliable control over the parameters used in the processes of treatment, storage, and distribution of their products.«

Jana Ramuš, M. Sc., Food safety manager Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, Chamber of Agricultural and Food Enterprises

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