Frequently Asked Questions

I have to monitor very specific parameters. Could EXACTUM assist in this?

Of course it can! EXACTUM is an ideal system solution when it comes to monitoring a variety of parameters. In other words - it can measure whatever needs to be measured. It also contains sensors such as an open door sensor, or a sensor to detect the presence of specific objects, and the list goes on.

Among which sensors can I choose?

Within the EXACTUM system you can choose from many different sensors. For more information about the type, measuring range and accuracy, see the table below.

Parameter Sensor type Measurement range Measurement resolution Accuracy
Temperature EXACTUM Pt100 from - 200 °C to 325 °C 0.01 °C 0.03 °C
Temperature EXACTUM 2 X TC Thermometer from - 200 °C to 250 °C (optional to 1400 °C) 0.2 °C 1 °C
Temperature EXACTUM Meteo from - 20 °C to 60 °C 0.1 °C 0.2 °C
Relative humidity from - 0 % to 100 % 1 % 2.5 %
Airflow from 500 mbar to 1150 mbar 1 mbar 2 mbar
Temperature EXACTUM Meteo probe from - 20 °C to 60 °C 0.1 °C 0.2 °C
Relative humidity from - 0% to 100 % 1 % 2.5 %
Airflow from 500 mbar to 1150 mbar 1 mbar 2 mbar
Illumination Exactum Luxmeter from 100,000 lux 0.25 lux  
Level of CO2 EXACTUM CO2 from 10,000 ppm (vol) 20 ppm 1 % 30 ppm 5 %
Level of VOC EXACTUM VOC from 450 ppm to 65,000 ppm (equiv.) 1 ppm  

In addition we offer many other, custom made parameters, such as:

Pyranometer EXACTUM pyranometer
Differential pressure EXACTUM differential pressure
Humidity in soil EXACTUM soil moisture
Humidity in soil EXACTUM tensiometer
Wind speed EXACTUM wind speed
Air speed/flow EXACTUM anemometer
Open doors sensor EXACTUM door

• Can sensors which are within one system be installed in different rooms?

The EXACTUM system solution enables centralised monitoring, and also, to some extent, control of environmental conditions not only in different rooms, but also in completely different geographical locations.

What dictates the price of the system?

The price of EXACTUM software or annual maintenance costs depends on the total number of sensors in the system and on the selected package (display, basic, standard, advanced, premium).

What are the system functionality options?

Users can choose between the following software packages.

Functionality of each package Type of EXACTUM software package
[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Display Basic Standard Advanced Premium
Display x x x x x
Min/Max/Average   x x x x
History   x x x x
Reports     x x x
Locations     x x x
Alarms     x x x
Mobile application       x x
User management       x x
Alarm management       x x
Regulation         x
Special factor's calculation         x

I want to learn more about the functionalities of each package.

Display: display of measured values.
Min/Max/Average: calculation of minimum, maximum and average value of selected measurements. 
History: overview of the history of measurements, export reports in .pdf ali .xlsx format.
Reports: automatic report generation.
Location: sensor settings location (from the map to micro-location).
Alarm: warning by e-mail or SMS when limit values are exceeded.
User management: management of users in relation to each sensor and each location.
Alarm management: alarm management for each user and each sensor separately.
Mobile application: EXACTUM App mobile application enables overview of on-line measurements.
Regulation: regulation of your system through EXACTUM.
Special factors calculation: calculation of your specific factors, such as wellbeing.

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